Friday, May 15, 2020

How Central Oregonians Can Report Issues Related to COVID-19 Restrictions

Protect yourself and others in public phase one reopening graphic 
Protejase usted y a otros en publico primera fase reapertura


News Release from Central Oregon Emergency Information Network
The “Safe and Strong Oregon” order declared by Gov. Kate Brown addresses gatherings, closure of certain businesses, outdoor activities, and other events and/or activities. (See the full Executive Order 20-25 in detail.) Community members who witness a violation of the order can utilize the following resources instead of calling 911.

For employees regarding businesses:
Oregon OSHA is taking complaints from employees regarding apparent violations of the Governor’s COVID-19 executive order by their employer, in particular social distancing protocol in the workplace. Employees should contact Oregon OSHA if they feel their employer is violating the order: 541-388-6066 or 800-922-2689 (inside Oregon only); email; or use the Online report form

Deschutes, Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River Grasslands:
Individuals can call any of the local front desks to report a concern. NOTE: Offices are short staffed and may not always have a person available to answer the phone, but voicemail is being checked.
Oregon State Parks:
There is limited day use at some state parks. Camping is closed through June 8, 2020 at least. A decision about camping after June 9 will be made in the coming weeks. Check the Park Status Map for current information.

What happens if someone violates this restriction and visits a closed park?
According to the Oregon State Parks website, closed is closed. They lock restrooms, stop trash service, and it’s not safe for you to go into a closed park. Individuals who are seen in a park will be asked to leave and those who refuse will be issued a citation and law enforcement may be called.

Restaurants, Pools and Hotels:
Central Oregon county specific Health Services Environmental Health are responding to complaints of apparent violations of the Governor’s order related to restaurants, pools and hotels.
Contact Deschutes County Health Services Environmental Health to report an apparent violation at one of the facilities listed above, at 541-317-3114 or use the Online report form or

For Jefferson County, information can be found on their Environmental Health Services website.  To report an apparent violation contact Environmental Health at 541-475-4476 or by email:

In Crook County, report an apparent violation by calling Environmental Health Services at  (541) 447-5165.  For more information visit their website.

Local Parks:

Community members can call 541-389-7275 during business hours if they observe park use that is not allowed at this time. After hours and on weekends, call 541-388-5435 to report incidents in parks and trails. The Bend Park and Recreation District has limited staff resources and is asking for public compliance with park closures, signs and other markings on closed amenities.

Redmond Area Park and Recreation District staff are regularly evaluating the situation and strive to ensure the safety of their staff and community members. Please check their website for updates to programs and services. Community members can email  or call 541-548-7275 if they observe park use that is not allowed.

Parks and open spaces in the City of Sisters have remained open, but playground equipment is not per Governor Brown’s Executive Order. For questions or concerns, please contact the Sisters Park and Recreation District at 541-549-2091 or the City of Sisters at 541-549-6022.

Crook County Parks and Recreation/Prineville
In Crook County, skate parks, pickleball courts, Ochoco Lake, Crook County RV Park and Haystack are open. Playgrounds, picnic shelters, splash pad, pool and basketball courts remain closed. Community members can call 541-447-1209 or email if they observe park use that is not allowed under Phase 1 reopening.

The Madras skate park is open, playgrounds and basketball courts remain closed at this time.  For questions or concerns, please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s non-emergency number 541-475-2201.


Those who believe they see a violation of current restrictions order that don’t fit into these descriptions can contact local law enforcement non-emergency at
  • 541-693-6911 for Deschutes County
  • 541-475-2201 for Jefferson County
  • 541-416-0853 for Crook County
Individuals may also contact Deschutes County Environmental Health at 541-317-3114Online report form, or

The Governor’s order is enforceable by law enforcement, however agencies in Central Oregon have reported they are primarily focused on education and outreach about current regulations and would use arrests as a last resort.

COEIN’s website, provides a collective resource for up-to-date information. Access to accurate, timely information both locally and nationally is encouraged. Our County Public Health experts point to the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as good sources of information. Daily situation updates are available via email at

COVID-19 phone line: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 541-699-5109

Central Oregon Emergency Information Network (COEIN), includes Deschutes County Health Services, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, St. Charles Health System, Crook County Health Department, Crook County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Health Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, tri-county public schools, City of Bend, Bend Police, Bend Fire & Rescue, and others. COEIN’s purpose is to collect, coordinate and distribute timely and accurate information.
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